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 Who is Coach Claire ?

Born in Scarborough, an extremely trustful, optimistic, driven and hugely empathetic individual with a passion for pleasing others. Unfortunately, I encountered some adolescent traumas - ranging from an eating disorder to sexual abuse & exploitation - resulting in many years of low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.


In adulthood, I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, depression, and dyslexia (explaining my lack of academic success, despite my hard efforts during school years).

Through many years of therapy and reflection, I finally understood that I am the driver! My mindset controlled my future, but accountability lays with me. Accepting my failures have been opportunities to reflect, grow and improve, allowing me to push myself harder - onto the next level personally and professionally.


After many years of working caring for the elderly, I moved to California, where I lived for seven years. While in the USA, I earned a high school diploma and many units at Clovis Community College toward a desired degree in Psychology. Accepting my limitations, I was unable to pass statistics. Therefore, I welcomed a gap from education and proceeded to enter the work force.

I worked as a volunteer, supporting drug and alcohol rehabilitation counsellors running sessions in Fresno. Shortly after landing a fast-paced job as an Animal Control Officer, proudly working for Central California’s SPCA. Also, I spent time working in customer care roles, in particular a beautiful spa. Where I worked for an inspirational businesswoman at Facelogic Spa in Clovis.

Moving back to the UK in 2016, having always been drawn to person centred roles. I experiencing the secret inner joy that comes from nurturing and helping others, I discovered a strong passion for empowering others. I decided to earn a Batchelors of Science degree in Nursing.

Paying close attention to caring for my physical, emotional and mental health, My aim was to continue building my self-esteem. I now use a holistic approach to balancing my work and family life. Happily married and a mother to my beautiful autistic Son, I practice positive daily habits of productivity.  Changes for me included focus on my lifestyle, diet & joining my local gym, firstly, participating in fitness classes, before hiring a fitness coach who supported me through the brutal physical and mental challenges of entering a professional body building competition.  

NMC registered, I enjoy remaining current in clinical practice, employed as a Nurse by the NHS. In addition to my public service, I felt a desire to offer a unique service to individuals. Therefore, I earned a diploma in Life Coaching and continue to remain fresh with continuous online and in person training courses, to provide the highest quality of service to my clients.

Life Coaching and Hypnosis Make and Love Your Own Path

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