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    15 min

  • Focus is on exploring how you will embrace your next steps.

    45 min

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    Virtually working together positively focusing on future goals.

    45 min

  • Experience the power of total relaxation through positive hypnosis.

    1 hr

As a qualified NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, life coach and registered nurse, I pride myself on upholding standards of general data protection regulations; confidentiality is highly valued.

Your life coaching sessions are 100% for & about you. During our sessions, I am there for you, I am present, fully engaged & actively listening to you.

We work at your pace, feeling free to share as much or as little information as you wish. I am here to listen and positively encourage your personal growth, resulting in a healthier, stronger and more balanced you.



You will do almost anything within your power to avoid an encounter with that situation, item, place, or environment. 

Impaired functioning caused by a perceived threat.

Although consciously we know our response is irrational, even labelling ourselves as “Silly” emotions attached to your triggered thoughts invoke VERY real feelings and responses.

A phobia has the power to take over your life if you allow this. Phobias cause a 10 out of 10 strong negative uncontrolled avoidance response, this can be debilitating causing anything from nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, hyperventilation, dizziness, panic attacks, diarrhoea. Leading to a compelling desire to avoid it resulting in loss of pleasure and opportunities in personal and professional situations.

An overwhelming amount of evidence support that most phobias are largely learned responses based on old negative internal representations, a true phobia has lasted for over 6 months and causes you persistent and debilitating responses that can impact daily living.

A fear becomes a phobia when you’ve had to change your lifestyle to manage it, you have taken extreme measures to ensure you will not encounter the phobia. 

Phobia’s range from

Natural Environmental - Astraphobia (Lightning), Hydrophobia (Water)

Animals – Batrachophobia, Arachnophobia, Cynophobia (Dogs), Ailurophobia (Cats) 

Medical Treatments / Mutilation – Hemophobia (Blood), Trypanophobia (Needles)

Situations – Aerophobia (Flying), Claustrophobia (small spaces), Agoraphobia (public spaces), Arachnophobia (spiders).

Phobia Cure

In the 1980’s American consultant in the field of self-help Richard Bandler and an American linguist, author, management consultant, trainer and speaker John Grinder become the founder of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Together the duo created one of many famous NLP techniques that support a person to alter a pre-existing negative irrational emotional response to stimulus by re-programming the memory with a fresh empowering prospective.

The visual kinaesthetic dissociative technique is hugely famous and used by the very famous and world-wide hypnotherapist Paul Mackenna along with many others here in the UK and globally.

We take an old event or rather perception of it which is phobic and essential we reframe that event deleting the negative emotional attachment to it.


Unwanted Habits or Limiting Beliefs'  

Our beliefs can literally create or destroy who we are and who we become. Your mind will always find the path of least resistance so providing reasons to justify our habits comes easy. We rationalize our actions with our valuable excuses for keeping unwanted habits.

We become attached to our behaviours and (productive or not) they become a part of who we are.

Almost a part of our identity.

Willpower alone is simply not enough to shift some behaviours for the long term. Willpower is an amazing resource, but it has limitations and more importantly recognition that a learned behaviour is rooted in our subconscious mind and Willpower is a tool of the conscious mind.

Once you might have tried to change and that failed and here you are now reading this because You are more than your habit, you are more than your limited belief and you know you in your heart that you hold the power to change your behaviour.

A limiting belief can hold you back in life, it is a judgment about yourself that you think to be true that restricts you in some way or form. A Habit is difficult to kick because the behaviour is now routine and due to repetition a strong connection between the mind is made and the habit is done automatically actioned by our subconscious.

Some of the most common unwanted habits and limiting beliefs include but are not limited to:

Unhealthy Eating


Nail biting


Overuse of social media

Lack of confidence

Doubting self

Once gone, new productive opportunities can be given the chance to open in life, letting go of old behaviours can be very freeing and uplifting. Taking back control of your life for the last time, sitting in the driver’s seat is a tranquil and empowering realization.

Tried everything else?  You’ve had enough?  Want change now? Let’s do this! Contact me via the contact page today.

Make one final attempt to kick that old behaviour!

improving self-esteem and confidence woman coach claire cares

Sufficient confidence and self-esteem can take us a long way in life.  Unfortunately, along the way so many beautiful talented individuals can (for various reasons) be depleted in this area of life, leaving the future feeling a little bleak, to say the least. This often leads us into self-doubt and opting for the safer options.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to turn your mindset around. Using a holistic view, we will assess areas of your life that could enhance your ability to view yourself in an entirely different perspective.

obsticals phobias risk analysis river nature

Obstacles & phobias are hurdles so many of us face daily, some larger than others. Regardless of your current mindset, rest assured - you DO hold the power within to eliminate obstacles and phobias. You also control when this action will be taken, holding the keys to your own future.

Through reflection, you will gradually begin to view your obstacles as opportunities for growth and enlightenment. Lateral thinking will be used with a holistic view in-mind. We will openly collaborate to explore how your chosen mindset opens doors.

Complicated and complex? You’re not alone. Is it time to assess how much of yourself you allow to give to each person in your life? How is your relationship with yourself? How much time do you dedicate as “Me Time” each week?

Friendships and family members play a monumental factor in our daily lives. Would you like time to evaluate and consider the impact your choice of company might have on the suppression or enlightenment of your visions, goals, or aspirations?

Woman crying stress anxiety management

Physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing are holistic elements that require fine tuning to work positively in harmony together. However, mental health issue, especially stress and anxiety can have VERY real and debilitating effects on our ability to perform at our best in life.

Taking a holistic approach, evaluation of all areas of life will shed light on elements that might support in reduction and management of your stress and anxiety levels.


In addition to the support you get from your GP and registered therapist (if you have one) your own belief systems play a strong fundamental role on your mindset and is responsible for the choices you make.



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